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Sunday, July 24, 2005


I’d like to say tank’ee kindly to those people who welcomed me back, it’s nice to be appreciated in any small way.

As a warming up exercise I thought we’d see what has been happening during my absence vis a vis those subjects on which I was reporting.

You will recall for instance that almost the last matter discussed was the German Elections. Fräulein Merci H kindly wrote a piece giving us the skinny on one Angela Merkel. If memory serves you lot were a bit reticent with the comments considering she went out of her way to educate us, but no matter.

At the time Fräulein H told us the procedure for a general election, to whit the President must dissolve the Bundestag following a vote. This has now happened, and the election will occur on the 18th of September. Chancellor Schroeder’s liberal government has been listing for some time and it was, as we were told, only a matter of time before the Bundestag was dissolved. The alternative for Schroeder would have been resignation, under a cloud of accusations concerning certain rather iffy shenanigans (I hasten to add, nothing is proven, but there’s no smoke etc according to Fräulein H).

You will also recall how happy Fräulein H, and The Alchemist were with the idea of Chancellor Merkel. She is, so far Is I have been told, a capital woman and just the sort to dispel Schroeder’s effect on Germany, which let us not forget, has been to navigate Germany into the sort of economic woes which would have crippled most any other nation in Europe.

Incredibly, Schroeder’s Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (sometimes one has no choice but to copy and past from Fräulein H’s emails, I am not typing that) seems to be gaining support from the undecideds now that the election date is certain.

Merkel’s group, an alliance of the Christlich-Demokratische Union and Chrislich-Soziale Union (she does this on purpose you know) is still leading by a significant margin, still the bookie’s favorite, but are gradually hemorrhaging support, especially in the east, though not, Fräulein H is proud to say, in her own state of Niedersachsen, which is rather a heartland of the CDU.

We shall be watching this situation closely

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