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Saturday, July 23, 2005


The Alchemist is pleased to announce his return the web. Readers may have noticed his absence of late - there is a reason for this, I shall stop short of calling it a good reason, because if it were I would still be absent.

It seems that an anonymous party took exception to something I wrote previously. Took exception strongly enough to discover my real name (worryingly easy to do as I discovered myself) and threaten my life and well-being.

At the time I was of the opinion that one death threat was too many and closed the site forthwith, though in fact the gentleman in question did not demand I do so, he did not in fact demand I do anything.

Having had the past few weeks to think about this, I have decided to begin again. I stand by every word I wrote. I lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and feel as qualified as any to talk about the country. More importantly, I feel it is important not to allow ourselves to be threatened. I won’t say any specific recent events were the cause of my change of heart, but I will not deny it either.

Services will resume presently.

The Alchemist

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