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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Those of’ee with long memories, or the ability to use a scroll bar will recall me talking about the Tory leadership a while back (Alchemy Passim) My purpose was to declare my support for Dr. Fox (wormy and racist according to you lot, alas). No doubt you will have taken careful note of news from the Tory conference. I know I have (that’s not sarcasm).

I said that the we need a leader with charisma, and I said that only Foxy seemed to have it. Now that young whipper-snapper David Cameron has stepped up to the crease is that still the case?

Well the boy certainly does have a way with words, no-doubt about it. They call him the conservative Tony Blair (I think they even mean it as a compliment!). It appears the Alchemist will have to eat his words. When I said ‘we need a leader with charisma’, I ought to have said ‘we need a leader with charisma who also stands for genuine conservative values’.

Y’see Cameron is rather well summed up by a comparison the Blair. They are both charismatic, young and they both hold the sort of views which appeal to North-London yahoos and Guardian readers. Were Cameron to win the leadership, I suspect he could win the next electio0n, but that would hardly be a victory for conservatives since he would carry out the same policies as Blair does now.

Understand, I am not against ‘modernizing’ per-see, but if the prise of victory is becoming ‘New Tory’ and being indistinguishable from New-Labour then it is too high a price to pay.

I suppose when it comes down to it, I will probably throw my insubstantial weight behind David Davis. It’s not that I have changed my mind about Foxy, merely that Divis is the lesser of those evils which have a chance of victory.

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